Response to Marc

This weeks learning was a cornucopia of enrichment with regard to utilizing Microsoft Word in ways that many of us have never utilized it before. Collaboration made easy, documents crisp and clean, surprises around every corner made this a distinctive learning experience, and Im thrilled to have been part of it. I used word a […]

BALANCE (Principles of Design)

   TOPIC TO JOURNAL BALANCE (Principles of Design What is balance? Explain balance with examples in architecture and interior design. Draw the different types of balance using shapes, in your journal. Expand on  your own critical thought of balance and decide which type of balance are you more inclined to be attracted to? The post […]

Proportion and Scale

Please read Chapter 6 : Proportion and Scale Define “proportion & scale” Define and Elaborate on “Anthropometry” and “human scale”. Discuss what you found interesting about this chapter. Initial Posts are Due on Sunday with Classmate engagements due on Tuesday at 11:59 PM. Your posts in the discussion area should exhibit careful thought and logical […]

journal 5

  As concluded in Think Again: Climate Treaties, why is the bottom-up approach ultimately a misguided one for international climate diplomacy? What is your opinion of the bottom-up approach given the US current stand on climate change? Explain in your own words how climate will affect the geopolitics relationship among nation-states. Make sure you include […]

video How is this video helping you to empathize with other perspectives at the local, national and international level? How can we as global educators promote the need for action on climate change to our students? 150-200 words The post video appeared first on proficient homework.

journal 5 application

  Using the or powerpoint to develop a poster highlighting the effectiveness of ONE of the instructional concepts below for improving student learning: Mastery learning Learning Together or Circles of Learning Jigsaw Scaffolded Instruction Then for the selected instructional approach, research a journal article on it. You should provide: a summary of the article addressing […]

The Toddler Observation

Please copy/paste each question before your answer below. Referencing the in-class lecture, reflect on the following: Provide an overall observation and describe details of what you actually see from the beginning of the video of the end of the video of the little girl passing out “sippy cups” to her peers, be sure to include […]


   PLEASE POINT EACH QUESTION SEPARATELY Question 1       (1 PAGE) Each healthcare organization has its own internal policies related to departmental processes. Having Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the selection steering committee is a very important aspect of the process. Hospitals are poor at including SMEs at the executive decision-making level. This is a risk […]

Week 4 Assignment

Emerging technologies continue to evolve how business is done. Select any two of the following technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) Neural Networks (NN) Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR) Industry 4.0 Now, Research and address how the two technologies you have selected are used in supply chain management. Address the strategic use of […]

Pictures of Neglect

For this assignment, you will review a series of pictures and consider whether each represents neglect. There are not necessarily “right” or “wrong” answers; your grade will be based on whether you offer sound explanations for your decisions. Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment. Review the  slide presentation. The arrow keys or the player controls in the lower-left […]