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View the Movie “Just Mercy” on YouTube and complete Essay of 3-5 pages

Short Essay Assignment on “Just Mercy”

Please write me an essay (no longer than five pages) on the above movie.  Make sure you answer the following questions:


1. Do you feel differently about our criminal justice system after watching the movie?


2. Do you agree with Stevenson’s lament that “wealth, not culpability, shapes outcomes” in our justice system?


3. Do you agree with Stevenson that the character of a nation is determined by how it treats the broken, the poor, the oppressed?  Is this realistic?


4. Why did the author of this book (and the movie) title it “Just Mercy”.  What did the title mean to you before you watched the movie and what did it mean to you after you watched it?


DIRECTIONS:  Your paper should be written as an essay and you MUST answer all questions to get an "A".  Grammar counts! 

PLAGIARISM:  If you are unsure about an issue of academic honesty, you should consult with the professor or TA to resolve your questions prior to your essay submission.  Plagiarism is intentionally, knowingly, or carelessly presenting the work of another as your own (without proper acknowledgement of the source). 


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