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Design one assignment of the Post a Website and of the Creating a Budget in two separate attachments (one page for each), each named

1- Design one assignment of the Post a Website and of the Creating a Budget in two separate attachments (one page for each), each named. Note that a sample of each is located in the attachment.2- On another page post a five bullet summary of the lecture.3- Use APA 7.4- on another page answer two classmates separately more a 100words, one paragraph for each answer (peer 1, peer 2). Peer1Chapter 5 Think Sheets: Using Technology for Higher Order LearningOdalys Gutierrez The Self-Regulated Learner:It is a proactive learning activity initiated by students to gain understanding using strategies to complete a task, having clear knowledge of the goal, process, organization, elaboration, and approach of the activity in question. Use of Think Sheets:It is used to support higher order learning combining self-regulation and generative strategies. It helps students to understand the information discovered, and model appropriate behaviors to let them become independent learners. NTeQ Problem-Solving for Higher-Order Learning:It defines the problem, identify what is known and what needs to be known about the problem, identify the data to be collected, how to analyze the data, generate and evaluate possible solutions, select the best solution, and present findings. The Computer as an Educational Tool:Computers are considered an educational tool when Internet-Based tools are integrated into the Curriculum. (Email, Internet Pen Pals, Blogs, etc.) Prescreened Collections of Websites and Educational-Learning Networks:Promote the use of websites with classroom connected ideas, educational references, websites research, useful publications, web portals, distance education as curriculum infusion suggestion.Peer 2Bullet Points for Week 4 LecturesGrisel Cabrera Self-regulated learner Proactive learner Performance control Self-reflection Strategies for self-regulation: recall, integration, organization, elaboration Think Sheets Planning: identify problem, set goals, plan the steps Performance: focus, analyze, create connections, future recall Self-reflection: self-evaluation, compare, new strategy to achieve goal if needed NTeQ Problem Solving Define problem Identify problem and collect data Analyze data Solutions Evaluate solutions Select best solution Present findings Computer as education tool Evaluate internet information Integrate internet-based tools into the curriculum Prescreen collections of websites Educational and learning networks Classrooms related Useful internet Archives Web portals and distance education Curriculum infusion ideas for teachers and studentsReferences:Lecture 4 Power PointsRoblyer, M. D. and Hughes, Joan E. 2019. Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching:Transforming Learning Across Disciples. Pearson. 8th Ed. Kindle Version.

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