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 Develop a network design using Microsoft Visio or any other drafting software to perform the sale, financial and other relevant transactions.

I attached a power point just need the word document to go along with it.

The Purpose Dimensions (semester courses) are where students actualize their Constructive Actions.  The Purpose Dimension seminars are therefore, the critical forums where, via discussions, planning, research and shared exploration of problems and solutions, student learning is assessed, clarified, and put into contextual focus. In these seminars, each student contributes actively, bringing ideas, research findings, specific problems, and plans concerning his or her specific Constructive Action with a particular business venture in his/her particular industry, to share with other students of the seminar. Additionally, a goal of each seminar is to foster and apply skills critical to developing professional and mutually beneficial relationships among students. As mutual contributors, students will bring their insights from fieldwork, assigned readings, and lectures in the other Dimension classes into a focus that integrates theory with their individual Constructive Actions.  A critical part in the development of student’s Constructive Action is the field placement. Students are required to apply what they have learned in the classroom (theory) with their experiences into real world situations, companies and/or organizations.  As such, students must identify an appropriate field placement during each Purpose to execute their Constructive Action.

The Constructive Action for this purpose requires the students to undertake a network design project for a small business that includes both logical and physical network topologies and network infrastructural planning for running a small business. The students will visualize a small business operation, and determine its functions and transactional requirements. They will then design a network, select hardware and software for the server and the client computers and connectivity devices, and prepare a network design diagram using Microsoft Visio or any other suitable diagram development software. Finally they will prepare a 10-15 minutes presentation using PowerPoint slides.

Course Objectives:

1.       Integrate theory and practice.

2.       Select a suitable small to medium business; identify its operation, business and financial transactions.

3.       Select the appropriate LAN technology, physical and logical topologies.

4.       Select the appropriate hardware and software.

5.       Develop a network design using Microsoft Visio or any other drafting software to perform the sale, financial and other relevant transactions.

6.       Prepare an implementation schedule using Microsoft Project or Gantt chart.

7.       Produce a Constructive Action document.

8.       Prepare a presentation for the management.

In this week you will add the conclusion and abstract to your final document.

Project Write-up

• Project length: 15-20 double-spaced pages excluding title and reference pages.

• Font: 12 point Time New Roman

• Margins: 1” all sides

• Style: APA (American Psychological Association). Booklet available in library and on the MCNY website.

• The cover page should include:

o Title of the CA

o Course code and title

o Your name

o Name of the professor

o Date of submission

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