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Develop the Project Charter utilizing your knowledge gained throughout the past few weeks and the industry’s best practices. Consult the “Case Study: EMR System Upgrade” document for details relating to the information below.

Assignment 1:

You are interviewing for a position with a hospital to lead a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system search and meeting with the Business Office Director tomorrow. She asked you to provide a sample of your Microsoft Project skills so they can appropriately evaluate you for this position. She asked you to base your sample on outlining an EMR implementation charter. You may fill in the dates and tasks based on your experience or research.

Create a project plan using Microsoft Project. Include the following in your plan:

  • Basic project information
  • Schedule (verify defaults and how that will work within the project)
  • Project calendar
  • Milestone task:
  • To-do task (include components of a health care IT charter)
  • Resources
  • Allocation of time and funds

Assignment 2:

Clearly defining what will and will-not-be addressed during a project is defined as an in-scope/out-of-scope summary. As with any project, one task often leads to three more tasks that were unaccounted for when the project started. A carefully documented project scope provides an explanation of the project’s boundaries that will assist in accomplishing the difficult task of staying on schedule and budget. A clear in-scope/out-of-scope definition provides an agreement between the stakeholders and business owners of project details and a project end date.

Congratulations, you’ve been hired to lead the EMR project at the hospital! Now that you have started your new job, it is time to learn more about the project and move forward.

Review the “Case Study: EMR System Upgrade” document.

Create an in-scope/out-of-scope executive summary for the EMR project. As a guideline, executive summaries are typically 1 to 2 pages in length. Consult the “Case Study: EMR System Upgrade” document, as well as Open Source tools for budget ranges and competitor’s fees. Include the following:

  • Definition of the project-driving objectives
  • Explanation of specific items to flag as out-of-scope
  • Budget considerations

Note: Review the Week 2 discussion “Budget Considerations” for tools to assist with this assignment.

Assignment 3:

You have the task of assessing vendors for the medical center.

Review the “Case Study: EMR System Upgrade” document, and determine the overarching service you need as a customer.

Once you have a service focus, complete the following:

  • Create a Vendor Selection document (a checklist or questionnaire document) to assess each vendor under review.
  • Conduct an internet search and choose 3 vendors.
  • Use the vendor’s website to complete your Vendor Selection document for each vendor.
  • Analyze all documents.
  • Select your top vendor.
  • Provide a concise summary of your top recommendation along with cited references.

Assignment 4:

Project Managers in the health care industry carry the weight of any software implementation, which includes making sure the implementation project is on time and on budget. However, managers should understand that the success of a software implementation project depends on the importance of communication and that the misidentification of issues can lead to problems in implementation.

A health care IT project team/stakeholder registry is developed after the project has been identified. The registry identifies the individuals involved in the project, defines their involvement, and lists contact information. The registry and project come together in a launch meeting to get the project started. This meeting is to ensure that all involved are aware of the reason for the project, to start to gather and investigate needs from all areas, and to ensure that no conflicts are present or may be caused when the project begins.

Develop a project team/stakeholder registry for the EMR project for use in the project launch. Consult the “Case Study: EMR System Upgrade” document for more project details. Include the following information in the registry:

  • Role assignment (include clinical or non-clinical)
  • Guidelines and responsibilities
  • Kickoff agenda, including the following:
  • Investigation of areas affected
  • Continuous learning of project impact
  • Process and procedure areas of improvement
  • Decision-making process

Assignment 5:

A project communication plan provides vital information to the stakeholders regarding the project. As a health care IT project manager, it is important that you inform all the stakeholders regarding timelines, schedules, and budget. The projects in health care could directly affect the ability to treat patients and meet regulations or safety requirements. Deviating from the schedule often results in the need for other areas to take precautionary measurements to ensure compliance and safety.

The EMR project is underway, and you need to communicate with the Organizational Leadership team.

Develop a communication plan for the team that includes the following:

  • Budget status
  • Schedule
  • Issues
  • Deliverable for next review
  • Key project team members

Consult the “Case Study: EMR System Upgrade” document for details relating to the information above.

Include a 1-page summary report to send to the stakeholders.

Assignment 6:

Resource: Sample Charter Template

Throughout the past few weeks, you have worked with the project team to get the EMR project started. Now it’s time to deliver the Project Charter to the organizational leadership team and get the project moving.

Develop the Project Charter utilizing your knowledge gained throughout the past few weeks and the industry’s best practices. Consult the “Case Study: EMR System Upgrade” document for details relating to the information below. The charter should include the following:

  • Reasons for the project
  • Benefits of the project
  • Objectives and constraints
  • Identity of the main stakeholders
  • Risks mitigation
  • Project timeline
  • General overview of the budget (from your Learning Team Week 4 deliverable)
  • Testing plan
  • Success measurements
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