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Explain key factors that will or may impact marketing in your chosen scenario.

Unit II Essay Healthcare Marketing Instructions

There are three steps to this essay assignment. Before you can begin, you must first choose one of the health care scenarios below on which you will base this assignment.

  • You are the marketing director for a primary care doctor’s office in a middle- to upper-class suburban area. A company has designed a new technology that can measure blood pressure via a wearable bracelet, and your doctor’s office has just been selected to receive the first shipment of the bracelets.
  • You are the marketing director for the EMS department in a large, culturally diverse urban area that also covers the surrounding county including more rural areas. Your department has just partnered with a virtual company so that certain patients with minor issues can be seen via video call instead of having to physically come to the emergency room.
  • You are the marketing director for a small nonprofit health clinic in a large city. You just received a large grant to provide medication, treatment, and counseling for patients in the community who are struggling with addiction.

For step one, you will begin your essay with an introduction that briefly identifies the scenario, as well as your marketing goal and primary impediment.

  • You are free to create names or other details necessary to illustrate your scenario.
  • You should identify a realistic goal and impediment based upon the details of your scenario. Remember, you are the marketing director, and this essay is basically your plan to guide your department to its goals.

In step two, you will discuss the strategic marketing planning process.

  • Explain key factors that will or may impact marketing in your chosen scenario.
  • Be sure to address how economic factors uniquely affect your chosen scenario (as opposed to non-health care marketing economics.)

In step three, you must briefly describe your marketing communication strategy.

  • You need only address the first six steps of effective communication strategies outlined in Chapter 2 of your eTextbook.
  • Ensure you detail specifics in each step that are tailored to your chosen scenario and that support the marketing planning process you discussed in step two.

The elements of your essay should address basic concepts discussed in this unit but be tailored to, and exemplified by specifics tailored to the scenario you have chosen.

Your essay must be a minimum of two pages. The title and reference pages do not count toward the page requirement. You must use at least two sources to support your essay, one of which may be your eTextbook. All sources used must have citations and references properly formatted in APA Style.

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