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Have you encountered any problems in implementing the final solution to the problem? Why didn’t you change the decision? How did you overcome those problems?

Not many students know why they have to write case studies and that it can help their future business advance. And not everyone knows how to write it correctly, as well as what questions to create for the interview and how to formulate them.

Not all the websites have enough information too. In this article, we will help you understand how to start a case study, how to put together the right questions for an interview, and how to analyze them for your study.

1. How to write a case study?

Since most often this method of sociological research is used for business, we will give a sample of it. Imagine you need to write a basic case study example. For this, the theme of developing an existing business is well suited. The history of creating a successful business and comparing what was before and what has it become now. You need to find out which business plan is successful, and, for more specificity, use specific answers to your questions during the interview. Thus, you will build each section of the work.

Step 1: Identify the problem and find a solution. For example, on the path to success, your respondent encountered certain difficulties. Which exactly? How did he find a way out of them?

Step 2: Solution Strategies. You need to show what criteria exist to create the perfect product/service, how the respondent found them, what other strategies were rejected, and why.

Step 3. Describe specifically the proposed solution, why it was chosen by your respondent, and how it worked.

Step 4: Remember to describe what results the correspondent received due to this particular decision.

Even if you want to write a large paper, remember that it usually should be between 500 and 1000 words. This is enough to write the most important things in the study and keep the reader’s attention to your work. If you are not sure if you can write this kind of assignment yourself, take a look at case study writing services review on PapersBattle so you can choose one to help you with your case study analysis. Writers will make your case study into a masterpiece. You can ask them for help at any time you need it.

2. Questions for the interview

During the interview, it is worth preparing many questions at once. This will simplify your task during a conversation with a person (especially if he/she is unpleasant for you). This way you will always know what to ask, and some questions will come up from others already prepared once.

Questions regarding the problem (step 1):

1. What problems have you encountered? How did you find the solutions?

2. Were there other solutions that didn’t suit you in the end? What kind? Why didn’t they fit?

Questions to find a solution (step 2):

1. What problems did you try to solve?

2. Where and how did you look for solutions?

3. Tell us more about other solutions to the problems that you rejected.

4. How did your competitors behave knowing about your problem?

5. Have you encountered any problems in implementing the final solution to the problem? Why didn’t you change the decision? How did you overcome those problems?

6. What do you consider the most effective in this decision?

Questions about results and benefits (step 3):

1. What benefits did you get from this solution?

2. What specific results did you see implementing your solution?

3. What business processes improve your decision? Does it save you time or money?

3. Case Study Analysis Tips

Carefully preparing questions before the interview and looking at existing research plans will help you better understand a specific issue.

– highlight the most important issues;

– highlight the most important of the interviews;

– re-read your workpieces before starting work itself.

Always stay open to new things. Even if you think that something from the interview is not believable, remember that this is not your experience. Your task is only to submit information, structure it, and choose what’s the most important.

For best results, take an interview with several people whose stories will relate to your question.

Record an interview not only on a tape recorder but also take notes manually, so you will have a complete picture.


In this article, we have provided an example of how to write a case study analysis. These steps will help you sort out what preliminary work you need to do before writing a task and how to prepare for it. By following these prompts you will definitely come out to write a good job.

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