Proficient Homework

Identify best practices that community colleges should adopt to support growth and innovation for students and the college.

Community colleges play a vital role in providing quality teaching and learning to both academic and workforce or technical programs. The revolving door—when students enter and exit without receiving a degree or certificate—must be stopped and student success and completion must be improved if the United States is to remain competitive in the world economy. Furthermore, the changing demographics of community colleges reinforces the need for focused agendas to help students so they can advance seamlessly through their coursework and degree programs. This unit will examine the AACC’s completion agenda and the role that equity and diversity play in community colleges.

Your studies listed several issues impacting community colleges. These issues reflect current and emerging trends and issues that students, faculty, and staff experience every day. In the form of a 2–3 page proposal, complete the following:

  • Research and identify at least three issues, trends, challenges, or best practices that you studied, that interest you, and impact community colleges.
    • These issues will become the framework and discussions throughout.
  • In your research, examine key issues and practices in major publications regarding community colleges. Use the following leading higher education publications, to support your proposal.
    • The Chronicle of Higher Education.
    • Community College Week.
    • Community College Journal of Research and Practice.
    • The Community College Review.
    • The Community College Journal.
    • Trustee Quarterly.
    • Inside Higher Ed.
  • Create an overview of each issue.
    • Explain why you chose the issues, challenges, or best practices.
    • In your proposal, explain how your selections impact community colleges.
    • Share your personal or professional knowledge or experience about the issues.
      • Note: If you do not have personal or professional experiences with the issues, research your selected issues and provide an overview.
  • Explain current trends and best practices in community colleges that impact student learning.
  • Analyze the impact of current global, social, technological, political, economic, and educational trends on community colleges.
  • Identify future trends and best practices that will support community college growth and success.

Submission Requirements

  • Written communication and APA: Communicate logical scholarly ideas. Your entire paper, including citations and references, must follow current APA style and formatting and use proper writing mechanics, grammar, and spelling. Written communication needs to be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • References: A minimum of five scholarly references from appropriate sources as previously noted.
  • Length of paper: 2–3 typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • Identify the make-up of the traditional and non-traditional community college students
  • Draw a comparison of how current trends and best practices impact traditional and non-traditional community college students.
  • Explore future trends and key issues that will define the success of community college students.
  • Identify best practices that community colleges should adopt to support growth and innovation for students and the college.
  • Identify best practices that result from the involvement of local, state, and national political and economic influences.

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