Proficient Homework

Movie Critique: Autism Spectrum Disorder

You will critique a movie called, “A Mile in His Shoes.” After watching the movie ,write a reflection that answers the following questions:What is the title of the movie?Write a brief synopsis of the movie.Identify at least one character portrayed as having a disability. Discuss how this character personified the characteristics of the disability.Were the people with disabilities portrayed in a positive or negative light? In what ways?According to the movie, who was frustrated over the disability? Provide evidence.Was the depiction of the disability accurate? Did it reflect stereotypes? Why or why not? Provide evidence.Do you believe people will come away with a better understanding of the disability from watching this film / reading this book? Why or why not?What can society do to erase prejudice towards disabilities?How will this knowledge inform your delivery of instruction towards exceptional students?(I Also uploaded an article just in case you need more clarification). Please make sure everything is in your own words,

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