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PPT-Software Weakness – Cybersecurity

Step 01: Determine Relevant Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Practices and challenges. You will begin your project with an investigation of supply chain risk management (SCRM). SCRM is the implementation of strategies to manage risks associated with the selection, installation, implementation and use of products with the goal of reducing vulnerabilities and assuring secure operations. It is important to understand SCRM in order to make informed decisions regarding the selection of products.Review supply chain risk management concepts and theories.As you read about SCRM, document the following:SCRM best practices—Identify best practices and successful implementation. Describe supply chain risk management practices and the SCRM threats—List and describe supply-chain cybersecurity threats and the technologies and policies that can be used to mitigate the threats.SCRM challenges—Determine the SCRM challenges in your organization given its business and culture and the concerns that John cited during your meeting. Evaluate the various approaches to developing secure code in a cost-effective manner in light of your organization’s software assurance needs and expectations, software assurance objectives, and software assurance coding and development plan. You will want to optimize the effectiveness of your software procurement by addressing early your organization’s information security requirements and risk management in the supply chain germane to your workplace.You will use this information throughout the project and to help you create the presentation slide deck.Using the information that you obtained on supply chain risk management (SCRM), develop a slide deck with a minimum of six slides. John will include these slides in his final presentation to educate his audience on SCRM. These slides should identify the key concepts, considerations, and applicability of SCRM for your organization. My organization is CISCO…

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