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Respond in a paragraph to the discussion board. In your response, DO NOT JUST AGREE OR DISAGREE IN THE RESPONSE, tell the reason for your response. Your response must be at least 100 words. Each answer separately. Use APA 7.

Respond in a paragraph to the discussion board. In your response, DO NOT JUST AGREE OR DISAGREE IN THE RESPONSE, tell the reason for your response. Your response must be at least 100 words. Each answer separately. Use APA 7.



Lecture 1

Assistive Technology


Assistivetechnology is a great tool for children with disabilities, these devices help children in allareas of their life, also these devicesmake easy teachers, parents in helping in students educationand learn individually. These devices can be used every day to do activities and make daily routines,

helping children staying on a schedule and focus in school activities, these devices are very motivating use to encourage well skills.


The Assistive technology has to be used under supervision the teachers, parents, or an adult to keep track the plan, the purposes of these are to see if increase or decrease the number of activity to students for example: if you are using the devices as a reward remember not to give all the time the students. The wrong use of technology can be dangerous for children.

Lecture 2

Technology Laws


Educators and leaders need to be aware of federal and state laws and regulations. thatgovern instructional technology. Technology change life paced to artificial intelligencerobotics and fluctuations in the way users perform to create economic growth and new job across the country, that is the case for Individual with Disability Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that requirePublic School Systems assist with technology to students who requirethese devices to be educated in the least restrictive possible.


The technology disconnect interact between humans and nature which contribute less contact with people, it is not conscious projects fulfilling specific intentions, Technology split from ethics and values, us theory split from technological practice, the relationship between human and environment is becoming unsustainable.

Peer 2


Lecture 1: Assistive Technology Laws

Different technologies have been developed to realize improvement in assistive technology. There are specific policies and regulations which have been put in place to ensure that those living with disabilities are not discriminated against.


The major advantage of the assistive technology is to ensure that those living with disability are able to function normally like any other person. Therefore, they are able to assist those living with disabilities compensate in a part for their physical limitations.

Another advantage of the assistive technology is that it enables those living with abilities to take care of themselves without bothering or involving a third party to assist in their daily living. Which makes them independent.


Usually, the assistive technology comes with a considerable cost. They usually cost thousands of dollars and can hardly be afforded by these individuals living with disability. Therefore, it poses a considerable disadvantage to these people.

Additionally, to effectively operate the assistive technology, those living with different conditions must be trained. Without this training, those living with disability cannot fully rely on the assistive technology, hence ineffective in achieving the intended result.

Lecture 2: Assistive Technology in the Classroom


Assistive technology is very effective in the classroom by ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to teaching and illustration. Every classroom member has the opportunity to share in the current technology.

Another advantage is that assistive technology enables students to work at their own pace, especially those living with disability, as they are able to learn the same thing as others.


Assistive technology might be subject to abuse by students if they are many. This can be done through using technology that is not needed.

Another disadvantage of assistive technology in classroom is the fact that they are not readily available to every student due to the high cost and prohibitive expenses during acquisition.

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