Proficient Homework

Strategy, leading with purpose, PPT

You were asked to help coordinate the coordination of the new interns and to build a collaboration strategy to enhance knowledge and expertise sharing between interns and their department to reach the firm’s goal while aligning with the mission and values. For this assignment, you have only 3 departments and 6 interns. DeliverablesMake a presentation (10-15 slides) and record yourself presenting it (5 minutes) maximum where you express your purpose clearly using key concepts learned during the course. Propose a collaboration strategy to enhance the team dynamic, increase knowledge and experrtise sharing between the interns and their department and express how it will align with the firms’ missions and values. You should consider the collaboration between interns – interns and interns department – managers. State your purpose as a leader of this collaboration strategy and the expected outcomes. Explain how you will engage the intern and the department managers around a common purpose while respecting each member’s personal purpose. Highlight the different techniques (from UDEMY course) you will use to lead your team with purpose. Express the key skills and the mindset you and your team will rely on to successfully propose, implement, and expand your strategy.

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