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The use of ether, ambulance, and forensic medicine were all innovations at Bellevue Hospital, how do these innovations jibe with the liberal arts? 

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The use of ether, ambulance, and forensic medicine were all innovations at Bellevue Hospital, how do these innovations jibe with the liberal arts?

The Bellevue Hospital was famous for its innovations in many fields of expertise, including the education of the staff. This clinical facility was among the first to implement a wide range of services that not only benefitted the doctors but also improved the patient health outcomes in the long run. For instance, the implementation of the ambulance services at the Bellevue hospital helped saving many lives of the patients who were in critical condition. Furthermore, the establishment of the forensic unit allowed the implementation of care for the criminally insane patients, who were disregarded before(Oshinsky, 2016). The staff and the administration of the Bellevue hospital had an open mind when it came to various innovations, even though some of the doctors were the avid opponents of the discoveries in the medical field, such as using ether as a general anesthetic on the patients with severe trauma.

In spite of the fact that the innovations that were implemented at the Bellevue hospital were connected to the medical field in general, some might say that these innovations are also compatible with the liberal arts as well. The liberal arts teach the students to adapt to the modern world, to search for modern solutions, and to apply critical thinking to the decision making process. Based on this, all of the innovations that were established at the Bellevue hospitalrequired at least some degree of critical thinking and convincing of the doctors to apply these innovations to practice (Oshinsky, 2016). The doctors were always ready to help the patients and to never turn away an individual in need, which is also one of the pillars of liberal arts. An argument can be made that the Bellevue Hospital promoted not only medical excellence and nursing care but also the teachings of liberal arts, including social and natural sciences.


Oshinsky, D. (2016). Bellevue: three centuries of medicine and mayhem at America’s most storied hospital.Doubleday.

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Hey Erica,

Without thinking we overlook how much liberal arts is connected to the rest of the world. I agree with you that logic is a big link to these innovation just as adapting to modern times is through critical thinking. Liberal arts were intended to lay the foundation acquired for people to grasp knowledge as life progresses. The innovations of ether, forensic medicine, and ambulances also laid the foundation for professionals in the health field. Ether brought awareness to pain management to help the patients suffer less. Forensic medicine sparked ideas to use physics, chemistry and other tools to discover the cause of death. While ambulances became the main way to transport people to hospitals with hast. The main thing all three innovations at Bellevue have in common with liberal arts is the use of the seven liberal arts to generate these ideas and progress these innovations to what is still being used today.

2.Bellevue Hospital represents the fundamental healthcare institution in the U. S. with multiple innovative care strategies. The doctors at the facility have contributed to different advances in medical assistance and the nursing field. Such innovations as the use of ether, ambulance, and forensic medicine implemented at Bellevue Hospital echoed with the liberal arts framework in the evidence-based approach to care. Bellevue has introduced an innovative approach to healthcare consistent with the liberal arts focus in social and educational environments. Bellevue Hospital workers have proposed the incorporation of ambulance services and advocated the integration of antiseptic techniques, such as the use of ether, in patient care to enhance health outcomes for the patients. Victims on the streets were left untreated so coming out with civilian ambulance was the best thing for Bellevue.  Dalton’s plan consisted of small amounts of ambulances to be stationed at the hospital. The advancement of forensic medicine by the providers at the facility has also furthered the development of the criminal justice system in the U. S.. Since liberal arts combines natural sciences, social studies, fine arts, and humanities with the perception of the art concept as a learned skill, the innovative efforts of the Bellevue Hospital employees reflect a similar aspect of scientific approach and learned capacity to assist patients. The evidence-based practice system initiated by the facility specialists indicates the similar focus of the liberal arts system. Bellevue hospital’s  approach to care, consist of similar issues of science, learned skills, and social benefit as compared to the liberal arts model.

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Hi Sophia,

I agree with your post the fundamentals of liberal arts assisted these physician’s in laying the foundation for these great innovations to be implemented. Like the introduction of the use of anesthesia from William T.G. Morton, when Dr. John Warren performed surgery for the removal of a mouth tumor. This implicated that these individuals, thought to use critical thinking and logic, on how to ease the pain of patients during surgeries and treatments.  This brought about change to human society and the cultural change within medicine. The use of natural sciences, chemistry and biology definately played a part in forensic medicine. When Dr. Norris and his colleague researched and studied the cause of deaths of people, along with toxins and substances. They were able to apply science and critical thinking to their work, which assisted the police departments, in the community with investigations which help to solve cases.

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