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One set of eight steps for a software project design might consist of the following:

1. Idea: Gather requirements about how to implement the idea.

2. Plan: Define the goals, specify the consumers, and begin low-level prototyping.

3. Market analysis: Collect customer input and improve the design.

4. Definition: Define resources, tasks, risks, costs, and testing.

5. Mock-up: Build and test a working high-level prototype

6. Product development: Refine the working model.

7. Testing: Conduct user tests.

8. Launch: Launch the product.

Explain the processes that you would use at each of the eight steps to assure minimal user frustration for the product in this course’s project scenario. Do this for all eight of the steps.

This discussion will require some thinking and some correlating between causes and solutions of user frustration.  For example, the Gathering requirements on how to implement the idea, #1,  one way to make sure that good requirements have been collected consists of determining what those requirements consist of.   In order to find those requirements, research section 508 requirements.  Also, why not research any conditional section 508 requirements?  A conditional requirement consists of one that might be either waivable or modified depending upon implementation circumstance.  Remember, every effort that you expand costs resources and money.  Minimize resource and expenditure to maximize gain.

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