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With this context in mind, you will now examine the twenty articles provided here to give you practice in determining which article goes with each level of research hierarchy.

Now that you have completed the Research Hierarchy activity, you can see how each type of research fits in a particular hierarchy. This is important because it provides information about each type of research study: its validity, rigor, soundness, reliability, and so on. With this context in mind, you will now examine the twenty articles provided here to give you practice in determining which article goes with each level of research hierarchy.


Here is a list of twenty nursing journal articles that are available to you through the Regis Library. These articles are from a wide range of study types; from randomized controlled trials (RCT) to expert opinions.

  • Cotton, B. P., & Ferszt, G. G. (2018). The role of NPs in medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. Nurse Practitioner, 43(5), 8.
  • Currie, E. R., Christian, B. J., Hinds, P. S., Perna, S. J., Robinson, C., Day, S., & Meneses, K. (2016). Parent perspectives of neonatal intensive care at the end-of-life. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 31(5), 478–489.
  • Dai, Y., & Livesley, J. (2018). A mixed‐method systematic review of the effectiveness and acceptability of preoperative psychological preparation programmes to reduce paediatric preoperative anxiety in elective surgery. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74(9), 2022–2037.
  • Goh, M. L., Ang, E. N. K., Hong-Gu H., Chan, Y., & Vehviläinen-Julkunen, K. (2018). Patient satisfaction is linked to nursing workload in a Singapore hospital. Clinical Nursing Research, 27(6), 692–713.
  • Górska, S., Forsyth, K., & Maciver, D. (2018). Living with dementia: A meta-synthesis of qualitative research on the lived experience. Gerontologist, 58(3), e180–e196.
  • Griffiths, P., Recio-Saucedo, A., Dall’Ora, C., Briggs, J., Maruotti, A., Meredith, P.,…Ball, J. (2018). The association between nurse staffing and omissions in nursing care: A systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74(7), 1474–1487.
  • Guirguis-Blake, J. M., Michael, Y. L., Perdue, L. A., Coppola, E. L., & Beil, T. L. (2018). Interventions to prevent falls in older adults: Updated evidence report and systematic review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Journal of the American Medical Association, 319(16), 1705–1716.
  • Harvey, E. M., Freeman, D., Wright, A., Bath, J., Peters, V. K., Meadows, G.,…Collier, B. R. (2019). Impact of advanced nurse teamwork training on trauma team performance. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 30, 7–15.
  • Hooper L., Abdelhamid A., Bunn D., Brown T., Summerbell C. D., & Skeaff C. M. (2015). Effects of total fat intake on body weight. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (8), 1-213.
  • Jokh Chaaya, D. A., de Souza Nogueira, L., de Cassia Gengo e Silva Butcher, R., Reboreda, J. Z., Silva Bonfim, A. K., & Padilha, K. G. (2018). Pulse pressure and mortality risk in critically ill patients. AACN Advanced Critical Care, 29(2), 118–125.
  • King, A. J. L., Johnson, R., Cramer, H., Purdy, S., & Huntley, A. L. (2018). Community case management and unplanned hospital admissions in patients with heart failure: A systematic review and qualitative evidence synthesis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74(7), 1463–1473.
  • Li, H., Shao, Y., Xing, Z., Li, Y., Wang, S., Zhang, M.,…Sun, J. (2019). Napping on night‐shifts among nursing staff: A mixed‐methods systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 75(2), 291–312.
  • Lök, N., Bademli, K., & Canbaz, M. (2018). The effects of anger management education on adolescents’ manner of displaying anger and self-esteem: A randomized controlled trial. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 32(1), 75–81.
  • Mabire, C., Dwyer, A., Garnier, A., & Pellet, J. (2018). Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of nursing discharge planning interventions for older inpatients discharged home. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74(4), 788–799.
  • Milligan, F., Martinez, F., Aal, S. H. M. A., Ahmed, S. A., Joby, B., Matalam, J. S.,…Melepeedikayil, S. S. (2018). Assessing anxiety and depression in cancer patients. British Journal of Nursing, 27(10), S18–S23.
  • Moxley, E. W., Smith, D., Quinn, L., & Park, C. (2018). Relationships between glycemic control and cardiovascular fitness. Biological Research for Nursing, 20(4), 422–428.
  • Rahimimoghadam, Z., Rahemi, Z., Sadat, Z., & Mirbagher Ajorpaz, N. (2019). Pilates exercises and quality of life of patients with chronic kidney disease. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 34, 35–40.
  • Sasso, L., Hayter, M., Catania, G., Aleo, G., Zanini, M., & Bagnasco, A. (2019). Including qualitative research in randomized controlled trials: Opportunities for nursing researchers. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 75(4), 705–706.
  • VonStein, M., Buchko, B. L., Millen, C., Lampo, D., Bell, T., & Woods, A. B. (2019). Effect of a scheduled nurse intervention on thirst and dry mouth in intensive care patients. American Journal of Critical Care, 28(1), 41–46.
  • Yeom, H.-E. (2018). Gender differences in climacteric symptoms and associated factors in Korean men and women. Applied Nursing Research, 41, 21–28.

Assignment Instructions

  • Review all of the articles in preparation for this assignment. Using this Research Hierarchy Template (Word), you will list one journal article for each of the seven levels of the research hierarchy pyramid (you will not need to use all twenty articles to complete the hierarchy; you will use a total of seven of the twenty articles). Articles will not be used in more than a single hierarchy level.
  • After you have determined one journal article that corresponds with each of the levels of the hierarchy, provide a one to two sentence statement for each article to explain your rationale for selecting it and assigning it to that hierarchical level. You will write one to two sentences, justifying your selection, using the Research Hierarchy document that you submit.
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