Proficient Homework

Write the direction of inquiry in your research. What are you attempting to answer through these questions.

1.      Research Topic

Describe the specific topic for your research (3-5 sentences).

The research topic should be appropriate for the course. The relationship between/among the course concepts should be clearly specified.

Our research topic is Big Data in Health Care Policy Making (Nasution et al., 2017). From the course, key stakeholders for policy making decisions include administration, government, citizens, politicians and policy makers (Janssen et al., 2015). In this research, we are focusing on utilizing technologies such as system dynamics and data processing applications like big data to assist with policy making decisions.

2.      Research Problem Statement

Write a brief research problem statement/Thesis statement (2-3 sentences).

What are you trying to investigate?

Public Policy Making is critical and has the potential to impact people’s lives instantly. Our problem statement is to identify technologies to reduce the impact of policy implementations on citizens and assist governments in developing efficient policies. We are investigating various implementations of IT around the globe and apply them to our research suggestions. Area of focus for this research is health care inequality in America (McLaughlin, 2019).

3.      Significance/Background

Describe the significance of this topic in relation to course concepts. Significance should be explicitly stated, not implied (3-5 sentences).

One of the primary reasons for any ineffective public policy is the lack of proper data to assess the impact. Few of the key stakeholders of public policy making and implementation are the government, politicians and citizens (Janssen et al., 2015). They are directly related to our research topic where politicians are the key players and include citizens and reports driven from data to help build an effective policy.

4.      Research Questions

List the primary research question(s). The research question(s) should be aligned to the research problem.

Write the direction of inquiry in your research. What are you attempting to answer through these questions.

Our primary research question is to understand the impact of technology implementations in public policy making and understand the impact on our research problem of health care inequality in America (McLaughlin, 2019).

Research Paper

•Must be in APA Style

•If APA is new to you, search for “

•Paper format and requirements will be

provided in a separate document

•Must be at Least 1,500 words

•Body only

•Don’t overdo this!!

Need with cover page,introduction,body text,conclusion & References with situation

References need at least 6

Power point presentation with 10 slides

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