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Written Assignment 

There is a written assignment regarding insurance bundles. Please pay special attention to the criteria for success; it details what I will be looking for while grading.  Grammar and Citation count, so make sure you proofread and have a friend proofread, too if you can.  Brush up on APA citation format and review the SBAR assignment guide in the getting started section.  This tells you how to write an SBAR with an Executive Summary and has a link to a sample APA paper that you can use to check your citation formatting.

Each section of your SBAR should be detailed and specific.  3-5 sentences at least. Your executive summary should summarize all the points from your SBAR and should be 4 sentences minimum.

Purpose: Demonstrate knowledge of understanding of potential charging and reimbursement methodologies.

Task: Prepare a 2-page SBAR report with an executive summary addressing the following issue:

Charging for individual services and supplies makes it difficult to manage healthcare costs.  One of the approaches to resolve this is creating "insurance bundles." An insurance bundle is a standardized set of well-defined supplies and medical procedures. The insurance bundle is set up as a "fixed cost" item. One price for all the procedures, supplies, and equipment is defined and offered to insurance carriers as the contracted reimbursement. Review the following article and identify challenges or roadblocks that would make insurance bundles difficult to implement.

Please make sure to read over the   before proceeding.

You will need to use at least one source to help you support your topic, which means you need to use proper  ) and

include a properly formatted  ( )

Criteria for Success: 30 Points Possible

· 12 points for SBAR submission

· 3 points per section – Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation

· 8 points for Executive Summary

· 5 points for submission free of grammatical errors

· 5 points for proper citation and reference formatting

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